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A once-upon-a-time homeschooling mom of three, Julia has been studying and teaching piano to children and adults in the Ajax area since 1998.    She is certified in the Bigler-Lloyd-Watts piano pedagogy approach and is currently working on her Piano Pedagogy Associateship with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, and is the writer and moderator of www.iscorenews.com's "On the Learning Curve" blog column.

In 2006 she became a licenced Kindermusik educator, teaching this fantastic curriculum until 2011 when she decided to "go to the source" and take her Level 1  Kodaly and Orftraining.     

In 2010, Julia achieved an amazing 94% on her Elementary Piano Pedagogy  exam (teaching beginners to RCM grade 2)  and won the RCM's 2010 Regional Silver Medal for highest Elementary Pedagogy examination mark in Ontario and Quebecand the Frederick Harris Scholarship for highest Elementary Pedagogy viva voce mark in North America.    In 2010 she completed her Intermediate Piano Pedagogy certification (teaching RCM grades 3-6) and currently has her teeth firmly sunk into the final Advanced level.     Julia is a member of ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association) as a Level 1 Associate.

In the fall of 2012, Julia joined the MEDA project, a joint project of Queen's and Concordia Universities and the RCM, as a Teacher Advisor.    Julia also regularly attends professional development seminars and conferences held by the Royal Conservatory of Music and various other music organizations as well as doing ongoing upgrading through trade publications and regular teacher brainstorming get-togethers.   "The music-teaching profession is changing and evolving so quickly because of advances in technology and discoveries in optimal learning.   If you don't stay on top of it, you're doing your students a disservice."    Her most recent accomplishment is her Advanced Piano Pedagogy written exam mark of 88%, and continued training in teaching students with autism and other special needs at the RCM's July Pedagogy Summit.

In addition to her passion for continuous learning, her quirky sense of humour has also been a huge plus to students.  "If a student - adult or child - is laughing and engaged, they're learning.   Frightened and intimidated students don't learn well, and I don't teach that way.   It's not exactly stand-up-comedy pedagogy, but sometimes it's close! "  

Other interests...
Writing, online chess, languages & etymology (word origins), Don Martin cartoons, kayaking... the list goes on....