Welcome to FM Studio's group keyboards program!  

Aside from being more "budget friendly" than private lessons, small-group classes have some other advantages over most private lessons: 

-  a built-in "community" to provide social and musical support

-  weekly ensemble practice to exercise all-important listening and cooperation skills

-  group music games provide learning fun and variety for a wide range of learning styles

-  music theory is just more fun to learn in a group environment with co-operative as well as gently competitive activities

- group classes are a great way to jumpstart students who are just losing interest in private lessons, either as a replacement or in addition to private lessons
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- Are you a complete beginner?  
- Already know how to read basic (or higher) music notation?
- maybe you have a keyboard at home that's collecting dust?
- Looking for a weekly structured and “jamming” group with other enthusiastic keyboard musicians

o Basic music reading skills (single melody lines or higher)

o RCM grade 1+ reading skills (2 hands always playing at the same time)...even if they need brushing up ;)
o Basic knowledge of accompaniment chords


It's true - private lessons can get pretty lonesome, just you and your teacher, then you and your piano or keyboard at home.   There's nothing like making music with other folks to bring the 'spark' back into playing!    

In "Jammers" classes, we'll reinforce what you've learned so far (and likely add to it!) while polishing your group-playing skills and creative ear.  

Jammers classes are great on their own, even better as a companion to your private lessons! 

Group Keyboard Classes